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Thanks to our many years of experience in Latin America, Mondial Food Solutions is specialized in importing exotic fruits directly from the countries of origin.

exotic fruits with a focus on bananas.

Although Mondial Food Solutions mainly focuses on importing bananas, other types of exotic fruits are also part of our range. For example, we import mangos, pineapples, avocados and various types of citrus fruits. On top of our existing product range, Mondial Food Solutions is continuously discovering new markets. For example, we are currently focusing on importing fresh produce from countries in North and West Africa. Are you interested in Mondial Food Solutions' fresh produce products or do you have specific wishes? Contact us and discover the possibilities.

Import: straight from the source.

Through direct contact with foreign growers and agents with whom we have a partnership, we are able to generate a continuous import flow of fresh produce, which is available to our customers on a weekly basis. The highly motivated team of Mondial Food Solutions makes every effort to properly follow up the entire import process for each individual container, which requires a large dose of commitment and close contact with the supplier, switching between acting transitaries and also the shipping companies.

Vrachtwagens op truckstop


Mondial Food Solutions trades products to retail in various European countries. We choose to work with reliable partners from withing our international network with whom we have had a good relationship for years. The foundation of these relationships is of course based on offering the right price-quality ratio for our products, while at the same time our continuity ensures that customers can actually purchase products from us on a daily and weekly basis. Recent collaborations with experienced fruit and vegetable commercial agents have enabled Mondial Food Solutions to expand its sales of various qualities and packagings to new markets. We prefer selling from the source to the end consumer as directly as possible under the guise of 'short lines', while at the same time keeping an eye out for the middleman.

relations and partners.

  • Growers and Exporters in Latin America
  • Growers and exporters in other export countries
  • Commercial agents within the fresh produce sector at home and abroad
  • Container transporters
  • Quality Control Agencies
  • Storage and transhipment companies
  • Agents and logistics service providers for customs documents
  • Customers in the Netherlands and other EU countries
  • Customers outside the European Union
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Kartonnen dozen verpakte groene bananen

day trading & additional purchase

Our customers are constantly looking for extra volumes of fresh produce. That is why, in addition to direct import, Mondial Food Solutions is also the ideal partner in day trading fresh produce from other importers. Since we handle the quantity of imported products with great care in regard to additional risks, we like to serve our customers in day trading on a daily basis. For example, by doing market research and partnering up with fruit and vegetable commercial agents, we actively search for extra volumes of fresh products on a daily basis. These are often products of excellent quality for which, for whatever reason, the right outlet has not been found in time. We thereby offer importers an extra sales channel for their fresh produce.

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Quality control of our fresh produce.

Mondial Food Solutions guarantees the quality of its daily services and traded fresh produce. For example, we work together with very experienced quality control agencies at home and abroad. At our request, they inspect our products on a daily basis in accordance to our wishes. Usually, an incoming quality inspection takes place for all fresh produce purchased by us. In addition, the quality of the goods is also monitored during storage. For customers with a distant destination, we also carry out an outgoing quality inspection.

storage, transhipment and transport.

Doing business with Mondial Food Solutions means that you benefit from a network of reliable partners in the field of storage, transhipment and transport of all fresh products. For example, our reputable storage and transshipment partners meet our strict selection criteria. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our services, amongst others the right cold storage for our products. This means that our products are always stored under the correct conditions after arrival and before delivery to you as a customer. Our storage and transshipment partners are also in possession of all necessary certifications, including BRC, ECOSTARS, SKAL and AEO.

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Beurs in Rusland

services for trade relations outside the eu.

Mondial Food Solutions is able to act as a trading partner and service provider for valued relations from countries within and outside the European Union. For countries outside the EU, Mondial Food Solutions acts as an intermediary, taking care of the purchase and sale, plus all necessary export documentation and labeling of goods. In certain cases this poses challenges, such as trading to and with reliable trade relations in Russia. A challenge that we are of course happy to take on with our experience, taking into account all currently applicable EU sanctions (including only allowing payment transactions with banks that are not excluded from the international payment system SWIFT).


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