Mondial Food Solutions is the service-oriented supplier of high-quality fruit and vegetable products. We only trade products of the best quality and with the right certifications, with food safety being number one. Only in this way can we, on both the purchasing and sales side, give shape to our vision: working together for the long term.

our vision: long-term partnerships

Alone you go fast, together you go further. Since our foundation in 2007, our innovative, dynamic and modern character remains up to date thanks to connections with young inspiring employees and entrepreneurs. Collaborations with experienced partners guarantee extensive know-how and professional services, with the aim of completely unburdening our customers and suppliers. This means that Mondial Food Solutions goes further than simply processing a purchase or sales order. Our services also consist of storage and transhipment, stock management, administrative support and marketing products to reliable sales channels.

this is what MONDIAL FOOD SOLUTIONS does.

Mondial Food Solutions specializes in importing exotic fruits such as bananas, mangos, pineapples, avocados and various types of citrus fruit directly from the countries of origin. With Meat Solutions, we also have in-house specialism in the field of meat products suitable for human consumption and CAT3-products for the pet food industry.

Through close contact with foreign growers and agents with whom we have a partnership, we are able to generate a continuous import flow of fresh products, which is available to our customers on a weekly basis.

Mondial Food Solutions trades products to retail in various European countries. We choose to work with reliable partners from within our international network with whom we have had a good relationship for years. We prefer selling from the source to the end consumer as directly as possible under the guise of 'short lines', while at the same time keeping an eye out for the middleman.

In addition to direct import, Mondial Food Solutions is also the ideal partner day trading, selling fresh produce from other importers. For example, by doing market research and cooporating with fruit and vegetable commercial agents, we actively search for extra volumes of fresh produce on a daily basis. We offer importers an extra sales channel for their own fresh produce.

Doing business with Mondial Food Solutions means that you benefit from a network of reliable partners in the field of storage, transhipment and transport of all fresh products. For example, our exclusively reputable storage and transhipment partners meet our strict selection criteria.

Mondial Food Solutions guarantees the quality of its daily services and the fresh products traded by us. For example, we work together with highly experienced quality control agencies at home and abroad. At our request, they inspect our products on a daily basis in accordance with our wishes.

Mondial Food Solutions is able to act as a trading partner and service provider for valued relations from countries within and outside the European Union. Mondial Food Solutions acts as an intermediary for countries outside the EU, whereby we take care of purchasing and sales and all necessary export documentation for export, including the labeling of goods. 



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