While Mondial Food Solutions mainly focuses on fresh produce, Meat Solutions specializes in meat products suitable for human consumption and CAT3-products for the pet food industry.

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Meat Solutions can rely on years of experience and broad knowledge of various animal species such as poultry, beef, pork, veal, lamb, game and pet food products. We source these product groups both within and outside Europe. The production of (pet food) blends based on specific recipes is also a core activity. We set strict requirements for the composition of our product range and we are continuously improving our range. Broad market knowledge is used for optimal processing and breeding of animal proteins from the slaughter by-product flow, with the pet food industry as the main market segment. Supply and demand plays an important role in this. Do you have a question about our meat products suitable for human consumption or our pet food products? Contact us.

unburdening is our mission.

Our processes unburden the slaughter process, but we also unburden the industrial customer with tailor-made solutions in the field of the right specifications, combinations and recipes where quality, delivery reliability, (food) safety and traceability are leading for good cooperation. Meat Solutions is a multi-lingual, dynamic and flexible organization that uses all its knowledge and experience to achieve a smoothly running process, from by-product to recipe.

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unburdening the industry.

Not only do we unburden in the slaughter process, but we also unburden the industrial customer by, among other things, our delivery reliability, quality and correct specifications. Of course we also value the importance of (food) safety. Taking this into account, we ensure excellent cooperation, while striving for a correct and smooth process. We have partnerships with various cold stores and packaging houses with which we can ensure that there is no food waste and that products can be stored for a longer period of time. We act as a supplier and as a missing link between supply and demand.

storage, transhipment and transport.

Doing business with us means that you benefit from a network of reliable partners in the field of storage, transhipment and transport of all fresh products. For example, our reputable storage and transshipment partners meet our strict selection criteria. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our services, amongst others the right cold storage for our products. This means that our products are always stored under the correct conditions after arrival and before delivery to you as a customer. Our storage and transshipment partners are also in possession of all necessary certifications, including BRC, ECOSTARS, SKAL and AEO.

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